To promote ethical, trustworthy use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

We help AI startups earn the trust from customers and regulators, speed up the adoption of AI technologies in highly sensitive industries.

Our Product

Augit - The first fairness assessment tool of AI/ML for C-level person in the world

Deliver high-quality, non-discriminatory models, faster

  • Simplified 70+ fairness metrics to just 1 biased risk score.
  • Explain discrimination type and business impact for C-Level person, like you.

The growing importance of AI Ethics

About Us

TrustableAI team has strong background in IoT and CivicTech. Founders are active members in community. In 2017, they got interested in the following question: If humans are sharing decision making roles with AI, how do we bring ourselves to trust the technology? In order to find the answer, they founded TrustableAI.

信任科學計算股份有限公司TrustableAI Co, Ltd.TW VAT Reg. 55842809[email protected]Taipei, Taiwan