To promote ethical, trustworthy use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.


Deliver high-quality, non-discriminatory models, faster.

  • Save time to build and maintain CI/CD infrastructure for machine learning systems.
  • Save time to mitigate bias.
  • Lower legal risks for machine learning systems.

The growing importance of AI ethics

AI ethics is recently discussed in 8 countries (USA, China, Canada, Korean, UNESCO, etc.), 8 organizations (IEEE, ITU, EPO, TLS, etc.), and by 8 big companies (Google, SAP, SAGE, Microsoft, IBM, etc.) Governments started proposing Governance Framework since 2018. For example:

  1. Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI, the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG).
  2. A Proposed Model AI Governance Framework, Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission.

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About Us

TrustableAI team has strong background in IoT and CivicTech. Founders are active members in community. In 2017, they got interested in the following question: If humans are sharing decision making roles with AI, how do we bring ourselves to trust the technology? In order to find the answer, they founded TrustableAI.

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